Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nerd Food: Interesting...

Nerd Food: Interesting…

Some interesting stuff I bumped into these last couple of weeks.


  • Banksy - Webby Awards Video: Banksy at his usual irreverent best. Hat-tip Emanuel Ferreira.
  • Listen to “Brian Eno Day”: a 12-Hour Radio Show Spent With Eno & His Music (Recorded in 1988). If you like ambient it's a must listen. Hat-tip Joao Santos.
  • Snowpiercer: To be fair, didn't yet get a chance to watch it yet, but the comments from Bruno Antunes were so glowing it went up on my list of must-watch movies.
  • Beware of Mr. Baker: Frigging amazing. I just can't believe I had never heard of this guy until I watched the movie. I mean, he played with Fela, Clapton, all the Jazz greats that were still alive. No words to describe it - just watch it. Crazy, crazy guy. Blind Faith are one of the many bands he was in.
  • Surfwise: Surf movie, but with a twist - or should I say nine. Crazy family with a crazy dad that decided one day that he'd spent the rest of his life surfing, and the world be damned. Amazing movie. It's also interesting because it outlines the consequences of such "heroic" decisions on the family.
  • Makthaverskan: Started listening to this rocky Swedish band.
  • El Empleo / The Employment: Great animation. Perfect description of the modern world.
  • The Expert: Like El Empleo, a dark take on the modern world, but this time as a dark comedy. Hilarious, but yet again, very painful.


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  • Com os Holandeses: Encontrei um autor portugues que nunca tinha ouvido falar, mas que parece ser bastante conhecido na holanda. Na lista de livros a ler.

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