Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Angola!!!

Incredible. Amazing. We actually did it. We managed to beat Senegal. Our stars Flavio and specially the new Manchester United player Manucho did the job and the end result was an amazing 3-1. Now we're only one draw away from going past the group stages for the first time ever. So all fingers crossed for Thursday 17:00 UK time, when we face the very difficult obstacle of Tunisia.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ghana 2008 - Forca Palancas!!

The emotion is running high on the African Cup! Angola started well against our regional rivals South Africa, but yielded at the end. To be fair, South Africa was dominant for periods of the game, and did deserve the draw. Today we have a rather difficult game against Senegal (UK 17:00). The coverage in the UK has been superb, with all the games available on BBC interactive (on BBC1 just press the Red Button).

A positive note for Ghana too: the stadiums are superb, and things have been rather well organised, if we ignore minor glitches (like the electricity going, or playing two games on the sames stadium without allowing the grass to recover or the disorganisation with regards to granting press credentials). The camera work has been top notch, at European level. The sound could perhaps be a bit better. All and all, the best CAN ever, methinks. One lesson Angola should learn for 2010 is to ensure all tickets get sold. Its much more important to have all stadiums full that to profit from the event.

The main site for the event is Not the best (can't find any pictures or live results, and the content is rather limited), but not the worst either, showing how far things have come and how much the quality bar has been raised.