Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nerd Food: Interesting...

Nerd Food: Interesting…



  • Google Reader alternative for Emacs Ninjas: So the Mayans were almost right, the world is going to end in 2013, the year when Google reader will be decommissioned. Everyone is looking for ways of averting the catastrophe - I've even voted in one or two petitions. This guy proposes using Emacs. Hey, might give it a go, doing everything else on Emacs so why not?
  • Rootless Root: The Unix Koans of Master Foo: Missed this one from ESR somehow. Very jargon'esque, old school koans from the lisp days.

Other Programming Topics


  • Behavioral Finance Explains Bubbles: Pretty much everyone is convinced that regular economics has failed; its good to see that more attention is being paid to interesting offshoots such as behavioural economics. These guys start with how people actually behave rather than how they ought to behave, so their models have a fighting chance.
  • Crushing national debts, economic revolutions, and extraordinary popular delusions: Everyone has been on top of Rogoff and their excel error (which reminds me, you could do worse than listening to NPR's planet money take on it: Episode 452: How Much Should We Trust Economics?). Andrew Odlyzko looks at the problem from another angle, namely how Britain looked like around the industrial revolution. I always struggle with these historical extrapolations but he does make an interesting case.
  • The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency: Everyone has written an article or two on Bitcoin of late. This is yet another one, with an intro and an explanation on why it will never catch on. Some interesting points, despite shortsightedness.


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