Monday, December 21, 2015

Nerd Food: Interesting...

Nerd Food: Interesting…

Time to flush all those tabs again. Some interesting stuff I bumped into recently-ish.

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General Coding


  • What's new in PostgreSQL 9.5: The RC's are starting and 9.5 looks to continue the trend of amazing Postgres releases. My only missing wish is for native (and full) support for bitemporality really, though to be fair Temporal Tables is probably enough for my needs.


  • Optimizing software in C++: One to bookmark now but to digest later. A whole load of stuff on optimisation.
  • Support for Android CMake projects in Visual Studio: So, as if the latest patches to Clang hadn't been enough, MS now decides to add support for CMake in Visual Studio. A bit embryonic, and a bit too android focused, but surely it should be extensible for more regular C++ use. Whats going on at MS? This is all far too cool to be true.
  • Quickly Loading Things From Disk: interesting analysis about the state of affairs of serialisation in C++. I'll probably require a few passes to fully digest it.
  • Beyond ad-hoc automation: leveraging structured platforms: I've been consuming this presentation slowly but steadily. It deals with a lot of the questions we all have about the new world of containers and microservices, and it seems vital to learn from experience before one finds oneself in a much bigger mess than the monolith could ever get you into. Bridget Kromhout talks intelligently about the subject.

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