Saturday, September 22, 2007


OK, it appears one of my favourite blogs has really ended: Sem Destino. This blog had a great atmosphere and was always the place to go to when one needed to get closer to Angola. All the best to miguel, and a speedy return to activity! In particular, we all want is photobook, as he has some incredible pictures on that blog.

The good news is the crowd around the blog decided to create another blog, with the creative title of Life Goes On - Aguardando o Regresso do Chefe (Waiting the Boss's Return) :-) it's a great read too. In particular, the posts about Blue and Agostinho Neto made me homesick :-)

Another blog that is always interesting to read is Dave Richards. Totally techie. It's great to see how a large scale linux desktop deployment looks like, the problems it faces, the solutions they come up with.

I haven't had much time to read other people's blogs of late - other than the usual nerdy ones - but I will make it up this weekend...


pp said...

I hope so... we need you there

life goes on :)

Marco Craveiro said...

I'm posting, I'm posting! :-D